Southern California

Blue markers represent schools that have hosted tournaments. Faded markers represent inactive schools (i.e. have not played/hosted since 2021.)


Arizona State2011-202017221130-910.588442321719394950.988.772.240.487250.416.31
Cal State Northridge2015-201744115-260.366791172911260.417.103.070.389148.911.59
Claremont Colleges2011-202338503205-2980.4081014839636848740.797.321.740.402200.915.35
Long Beach State2018-2018192-70.222198252240.225.782.670.273111.110.56
Pasadena CC2017-20182204-160.200400150270.007.501.350.375171.313.73
Pasadena City College2018-2018196-30.667198177491.898.221.000.460237.813.08
UC Irvine2011-20171414658-880.397290113110421910.907.141.310.404197.614.85
UC Riverside2012-20122406-340.15082112135330.303.380.830.17964.18.16


2023-04-22MRNA IIUCLA42UCLA Uracils
2023-04-08Canadian NoviceClaremont Colleges64UCSD Tims
2023-02-04DII SCTUSC84Claremont Colleges A
2023-01-28ACF RegionalsClaremont Colleges43UC Berkeley A
2022-11-05ACF WinterUSC85Claremont Colleges A
2022-10-15ACF FallClaremont Colleges85Claremont Colleges A
2021-11-06ACF WinterUC San Diego209Stanford B
2021-03-06WORKSHOPClaremont Colleges66UC Berkeley A
2020-12-05IKEAUC San Diego85Stanford A
2020-11-07ACF WinterUSC127UC Berkeley A


School Records

Highest Winning %

UC Berkeley A100.873
UC San Diego A410.751
UCLA A270.63
Arizona State A140.627
Caltech A270.558
UC San Diego B270.411
Claremont Colleges A240.375
USC A120.333
Caltech B100.235
Min. 10 tournaments played

Player Records

Most Points

Hidehiro AntoUCLA1616315315
Jason ChengUC San Diego1919411810
Auroni GuptaMichigan, Illinois, UC San Diego4415670
Justine FrenchUCLA4414695
Nicholas BlischakUC San Diego121174530
P.C. ChauhanUC San Diego151534370
Eric BobrowJohns Hopkins, Caltech101004180
Alistair GrayUC San Diego10903685
Jonathan LuckUC San Diego151433645
Ishan MazumdarCaltech111093455

Highest Player Winning %

Eddie KimUC San Diego530.906
Michael CoatesUC Berkeley590.864
Rahul KeyalUC San Diego, UC Berkeley700.857
Jason ChengUC San Diego1940.814
Rohit MandeUC San Diego900.798
Anderson RoloffUCLA, UC San Diego550.764
Nicholas BlischakUC San Diego1170.744
Brandon BlischakUC San Diego930.731
Hidehiro AntoUCLA1630.718
Wolfram PohUCLA, UC San Diego1010.703
Min. 50 games played

Most Tournaments Played

Jason ChengUC San Diego19
Hidehiro AntoUCLA16
Jonathan LuckUC San Diego15
P.C. ChauhanUC San Diego15
Ashok KundaUC San Diego13
Nicholas BlischakUC San Diego12
Ishan MazumdarCaltech11
Wolfram PohUCLA, UC San Diego11
Alistair GrayUC San Diego10
Brandon BlischakUC San Diego10