Welcome to College Quizbowl Stats. This site has two intended purposes:

  • To serve as a repository of quizbowl statistics, preserving records of the game’s playing history. This includes traditional statistics such as wins and losses, points per bonus, and powers/gets/negs; detailed statistics such as scoresheets, per-category statistics, conversion statistcs, and buzzpoints; and metadata about how the game was created and played, such as editing and hosting statistics.
  • To serve as a reference for quizbowl statistics, enabling easy lookup of player stats, team strengths, tournament attendance, and whatever else ends up on the site. Above all, the site should be easy to access and use.


Currently, the site includes all closed collegiate tournaments in the seasons from 2011-2012 to 2023-2024 that have posted stats, with the exception of those that only posted stats on Neg5 or that posted stats without a Scoreboard page. Open tournaments that were primarily composed of closed collegiate teams, as well as Chicago Open, were also included. If you know of a tournament that isn't included here that you believe should be, contact me at ryanr345@gmail.com.

Data corrections and name changes

If you have any name changes or data corrections (e.g. two player entries who are actually the same player and should be combined, a team that's mislabeled) please email me at ryanr345@gmail.com and I'll fix it ASAP.

Set difficulty

This site uses the same set difficulty notation as collegequizbowlcalendar.com.

Future plans

An immediate priority is streamlining data ingestion so more detailed stats can be added (both future tournaments and filling in more past tournaments). Eventually, I'd like the site to at least host traditional stats from all available closed collegiate tournaments and open tournaments, as well as extant detailed stats.

This site is designed to be extensible: it can easily be configured to host additional data, such as player/team strength metrics. If you'd like to work on adding these, please contact me at ryanr345@gmail.com.