2016 Chicago Open

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Visual ArtsMike Bentley
BeliefsMatt Jackson
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LiteratureJohn Lawrence
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PhilosophyJohn Lawrence
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July 23, 2016


A "Revenge of the Nerds"-meets-Ayn Rand MeritocracyChicago148-62801197160.796.931.1438.57%176.0713.06160.90
Angelica, tell my wife Evan Adams doesn't have a real job anywayChicago146-8280988380.646.292.7134.64%161.7914.85147.05
Brexit, Pursued by a Bear MarketChicago145-92801386240.936.141.7135.36%156.7912.73134.33
God of / Small Things / True Care / Truth BringsChicago1412-228014140321.0010.002.2955.00%282.1416.23309.25
Golgari Glenn RossChicago148-62801388330.936.292.3636.07%164.2913.76186.48
How Much Canada Can A Canada Can Can If A Canada Can Can Can Canada?Chicago144-10280669240.434.931.7126.79%105.0010.8097.50
I Like Taxes, Pikachu, the Liberal, screamedChicago146-82808102260.577.291.8639.29%165.7111.91189.11
I Write Science Not TragediesChicago149-52804106340.297.572.4339.29%178.5714.09152.73
If You Can Dodge A Wrench, You've Ruined This Game of ClueChicago141-13280130140.072.141.0011.07%33.217.1031.15
Japanese Vagina Artist Found Guilty of ObscenityChicago143-112801376240.935.431.7131.79%129.6411.01112.45


Adam FineJust what is it that makes today's Illinois players so different, so appealing?Chicago1428033350.212.360.360.607.2025.00
Andrew HartGod of / Small Things / True Care / Truth BringsChicago1428023590.142.500.640.224.1123.93
Andrew WangMake America Jolly Good AgainChicago14280733110.502.360.790.643.6427.14
Athena KernJapanese Vagina Artist Found Guilty of ObscenityChicago1428072850.502.000.361.407.0025.71
Auroni GuptaYou can write your tossups from the Library of Babel, but you can NEVER! STRIKE! GOD!!!Chicago14280549170.363.501.210.293.1834.29
Ben ZhangThe Montel Williams School of PseudonymityChicago1428022290.141.570.640.222.6714.64
Billy BeyerI Like Taxes, Pikachu, the Liberal, screamedChicago1428001420.
Billy BusseGod of / Small Things / True Care / Truth BringsChicago1428032560.211.790.430.504.6718.93
Brian McPeakYou can write your tossups from the Library of Babel, but you can NEVER! STRIKE! GOD!!!Chicago14280111110.070.790.790.091.095.00
Bryn ReineckeNot Even Really a Work of PhilosophyChicago1428001200.000.860.